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Safe and Together

Stopping Family Violence deliver numerous training and one such training is the Safe and Together CORE training. The purpose of the Safe and Together training is to support organisations to become more DV- informed. The name, ‘Safe and Together’ comes from the idea that it is often in the best interest of the children if they are kept safe and together with the non-offending parent.

The model focuses on the survivor’s strengths, whilst ‘pivoting’ to the perpetrator through a perpetrator-pattern approach to reduce risk and harm to the child and overall family functioning.

The training is held over four days and each day is broken down into assessment, interviewing, documentation and case planning, to gain a more holistic approach to perpetrator response and keeping the children and family safe through a greater understanding of the whole situation

Caring Dads

SFV were instrumental in bringing the Caring Dads program to WA from Canada. SFV deliver Caring Dads Facilitator Training events to professionals in other organisations, so they can in turn, run the Caring Dads program throughout their organisation with their clients.

Tailored Training

Stopping Family Violence also offer training packages, which include FDV- tailored workshops specifically to meet your organisation’s needs.


We can provide support in reviewing language in DV-related resources, education, networking, and partnership opportunities. We also provide supervision for practitioners in the FDV sector and peer support in the industry.


We can co-facilitate internal training and offer expert knowledge in an organisation around the FDV component of the work they do. We will work with the organisation to identify where we can best assist them to become a DV-informed workplace.

Stopping Family Violence is committed to bring training and events to the WA community which supports workforce development and an increased awareness of Family and Domestic Violence.

Stopping Family Violence supports the work other organisations provide that works towards raising awareness and changing FDV perceptions. 

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