FDVAN – Summary of Presentation by Vanessa Harvey

Vanessa Harvey, Director of Strategy Research and Initiatives within the Department of Communities gave an outline of the new Machinery of Government. The newly formed Department of Communities comprises:

  • Department for Child Protection and Family Support
  • Department of Housing (including Housing Authority)
  • Disability Services Commission
  • Communities component of the Department of Local Government and Communities
  • Regional Services Reform Unit
  • Youth Justice

Five Ministers appointed: Hon Simone McGurk (MLA); Hon Mick Murray (MLA); Hon Peter Tiinley (MLA); Hon Stephen Dawson (MLC); Hon Fran Logan (MLA).

New structure: Strategy and Policy Division that influences and informs decision-making to improve community outcomes. FDV has been moved into Strategy and Policy Division away from Child Protection; aim to support Government in implementation of their election commitments

Current FDV Governance arrangements

Looking at ways of involving peak bodies to replace the FDV Governance Council.

  • The Community Safety and Family Support Cabinet Sub Committee meets bi-monthly and includes membership of relevant Ministers to address issues of safety in the community.
  • The Directors General Implementation Group also meets bi-monthly and addresses family and domestic violence as a standing item on the agenda.
  • The Family and Domestic Violence Advisory Network (FDVAN) meets three times a year and has government and community sector representation, including lead agencies dedicated to family and domestic violence.

The Policy Initiatives Implementation Working Group (PIIWG) is an across government working group comprising responsible lead agencies for policy (election) commitments and other policy initiatives.

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