SFV Update – Holyoake Training

In August SFV delivered FDV training to the team at Holyoake Victoria Park. Although not directly involved in FDV support services staff often come into contact with clients who are also perpetrators of domestic violence, so wanted to upskill on the issue and ways of interacting with these clients. Training was focused on helping participants to develop a deeper understanding of FDV and to increase knowledge around the differences between men’s and women’s violence in a FDV context and included the following topics:

  • Women’s experiences of, and responses to FDV;
  • Identifying that Aboriginal women are at increased risk of harm and what this means for our practice;
  • The impact of AOD and other factors such as social issues and mental health on FDV;
  • An overview of available FDV assessment tools;
  • Practical skills and identifying conversations that participants could use to challenge perpetrators of FDV;
  • Information about MBCPs which included availability, and methodologies behind the work;
  • How to ask ‘difficult questions’ and build rapport and motivation for change when working with perpetrators, and strategies to avoid collusion and perpetrator disengagement;
  • Emphasising and exploring the importance of always maintaining a victim focus in any work with perpetrators and understanding the impact of FDV on women and children.

The feedback on the training was positive and SFV is working to further develop the program so that it can be delivered to other organisations. For more information please contact Mark O’Hare mark@sfv.org.au

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