Network Member – Communicare

Communicare was established in 1977 and has developed into a dynamic not-for-profit organisation with an enduring reputation as a community organisation that genuinely cares.

Their philosophy is to provide hope and opportunity for people in need and, over the years they have distinguished themselves as a provider and innovator of services as well as an advocate to enhance social and economic inclusion.

Supported by approximately 300 employees and alliances with government, non-government and a range of corporate organisations; Communicare works collaboratively and in partnership to make a difference in people’s lives.

They have significant expertise in providing and facilitating high quality, holistic and integrated community services that acknowledge diversity and seek to inspire and empower people to participate safely and fully in their communities.

Communicare’s Men’s Behaviour Change Programs include:

Communicare Breathing Space is the first residential men's behaviour change program in the southern hemisphere, funded by the Department of Communities (Child Protection and Family Support Services). The program commenced operations as an alternative to removing women and children from their family home, and supports men's learning to understand and take responsibility for their violence, anger and abuse. Communicare Breathing Space is available to all men who have been abusive with their intimate partner or family relationship and are ready and willing to make long-term behavioural changes. The structured program provides participants with approximately six months accommodation while they undertake an intensive therapeutic program including group work, individual counselling and case management which allows them to take the opportunity to reflect and be accountable for their behaviour and the choices they have made. This holistic approach includes family and domestic violence comorbidity with alcohol and other drugs; mental health; homelessness and parenting.
Families without Fear (FwF) provides individual and group intervention for men, and individual sessions for women to fill the gap in support services for men, women and gender diverse people who wish to improve their abusive and violent behaviours. The program is available to all people living within WA who identify as having used abusive and violence behaviours in their relationships and are motivated to sustain positive behavioural changes. FWF provides assistance to people to better understand and improve their intimate and family relationships. The program helps people to recognise unsafe situations, make appropriate choices to minimise impact, challenge their attitudes and beliefs, and manage their emotions. FWF promotes strategies to be a safe and supportive partner without abusive and controlling behaviours. The program can be accessed through referral from Department of Justice. This pathway is funded by Department of Justice and connected to the Perth, Armadale and Rockingham Magistrates Court Family Violence Lists. Alternatively, the program accepts community and self-referral through Fee-for-Service at the Perth and Kwinana locations.
Safe at Home is a telephone support service to help men bring about positive behaviour changes in their lives to develop respectful relationships with their partner, ex-partner and/or children. The program, funded by the Department of Communities (Child Protection and Family Support Services), provides assistance to men living in WA to take responsibility for their cycle of violence and abuse. Safe at Home links and refers participants to support services to promote safety and behaviour change. Men can access the program via self-referral or referral by a supporting agency.
Connect and Respect works with perpetrators of violence to build their awareness of the impacts of their violence, build skills and efficacy in regulating emotions and improving decision making, and increase their capacity to hold themselves accountable for their behaviour. Connect and Respect is only available to individuals who have been referred by the Department of Justice. All people participating in this program are currently under the supervision of the department. This program is funded by the Department of Justice and is delivered in partnership with Anglicare WA.
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