Dignity Conference. Fremantle 22-24th May 2017

The Dignity conference was an outstanding success thanks to the hard work by Women’s Council staff over the last year to plan and prepare for this International Conference.  Over two hundred and thirty people attended each day and the general buzz in the main room and in the workshop rooms was overwhelmingly positive every day.

Feedback was received from 30% of participants and that was extremely positive.

  • The general organisation of the conference.   Very good   98.8%
  • The venue and its facilities.  Very good 97 %
  • The registration process.  Very good 98.8 %
  • The relevance of the themes chosen. Very good   93%
  • The usefulness of the information that you have acquired. Very good 94 %
  • The content of the workshops.   Very good 91%
  • The quality of the speakers. Very good   95%
  • The extent to which the content of this conference matched the announced objectives. Very good 94%
  • I have a better understanding of Response-Based Practice approaches and ideas. Very good 89 %
  • The time allocated for keynotes and workshops.   Very good 71%

The allocation of time for keynotes and workshops did frequently run over time and  I think this was  in part due to speakers  having some much new and exciting information to share participants were frustrated with sessions being ended in a rush to ensure  the next speaker had enough time.

The general consensus was very positive about the conference atmosphere and venue and the theater role play performances were particular highlight.

Several of the key note speakers were singled out for their passionate and inspiring presentations, Vikki Reynolds, Alan Wade, Linda Coates and Donna Chung all made an impact and were mentioned in many of the feedback forms.

Comments from participants

Karen McIntyre – “Fierce passion/activism of presenters. Solidarity with others.”

Robyn Martin – “A polished space has been created where gender, class, race, queerness are the focus/not the margins. Very liberating space – Thank you – I also loved the plain speaking, swearing where it’s needed.”

Christine Adams – Cannot pick one highlight – The people are outstandingly warm, welcome and the content is extremely helpful and relevant. This was truly outstanding: The preparation, the food and, the venue – All of it!”

Averil Scott – “Coming away with tools to use and give to clients affected by domestic violence.”

Cara Guelfi – “Feeling enlightened and refreshed. I feel empowered and reenergized to keep going.”


The PowerPoints from those speakers that have provided them are up on the Dignity website

Pod casts of the keynotes are on the Women’s Council website in the member’s only section.

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